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This service requires your prior registration and activation with your preferred Exchange House registered with us. Click here to register now

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eRemitXpress brings you the convenience of Sending Money to your family and friends right from your own home or office.

Services include International Bank Transfers and Local Payments. Cash Payment Options such as Western Union will soon be introduced.

These services are provided on eRemitXpress portal THROUGH and BY Exchange Houses registered with us.
  • Your money goes from your bank account or credit card directly to the Exchange House of your choice.

  • The Exchange House processes your transaction and is responsible till the money is either credited to your beneficiary’s bank account or paid out in cash to your beneficiary.

Before you avail this service on eRemitXpress portal, you are required to complete the registration formality with at least one of the Exchange Houses listed with us.
Registration process involves a one-time personal visit to this Exchange House and providing your ID copy
This is required for the following reasons:
  1. The procedure is mandated and compulsory as per the Regulatory Authorities. Trust us, this is for your own benefit and to protect the interests of Customers like you.

  2. eRemitXpress desires to give you Swift and Error-Free transactions. So completing your Profile, Preferences and Beneficiary Details at the Exchange House ONCE ensures that you can complete your subsequent transactions on eRemitXpress in just a couple of steps and just a couple of minutes.
Our Exchange House Partners are:
Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau
Phone #: 02-6270004 / 04-3535577

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